Visits coming from abroad

Since the begining, the artistic and cultural exchange beyond all the frontiers has been one of the main goals of our Teatro del Sol. 
In that sense, the doors of our room are widely open to the artists all over the World who want to visit us.

Thomas Hauger
Our friend Thomas Hauger
Thomas Hauger with Ana Barrionuevo during his visit to Argentina

Our good friend Mr. Thomas Hauger, who by those days was the World President of AITA/IATA, came to Argentina specially for helping us with the organization of the Argentinean National Center of that global NGO. Since May 7th to May 12th, Thomas stayed in our country taking part in all kind of forums and discussions in our Teatro del Sol with independent theatre groups. The Executive Director of the National Institute of Theatre on one way, and the Intendant of Campana, Mr. Jorge Varela, on the other, formally promised do their best in terms of future cooperation.
Lucerna Group from Prague
Lucerna Group minutes before leaving our Teatro del Sol
Part of "Lucerna"Group at the dorr of our "Teatro del Sol"
From the heart of Europe, the theatre group "Lucerna", in the city of Prague, directed by our friend Akram Stanek, came by first time to our country specially invited to take part in the opening of the new room of our Teatro del Sol. They performed the play "Horror", and stayed in Campana during ten days usted to make stronger and deeper relationships, friendship and artistic exchange.



The visit of "Lucerna" Theatre Group from Prague made that the Ambassador of Czech Republic in Argentina, Mrs. Knita Hrda as well as the Consul of that country in Buenos Aires, Mrs. Svetlana Barinova, came to visit our Teatro del Sol to see the performance "Horror". For this reason the Municipal Intendant Mr. Jorge Varela took part in a meeting with the Czech Diplomatics to whom he declared "VIP Visits".

Embassy of Egypt

The relationship with the Egyptian Authorities since the participation of Guillermo Rodoni as member of the Jury of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre in 2001 made that the Egyptian Embassy's Cultural Attaché, Dr. Ahmed Yacoub, came to our city to be present in the opening ceremony of our Teatro del Sol's new room.
Dasa Souckova
Dasa Souckova, good friend of Argentina
Dasa Souckova sings for you
The Czech actress and singer Dasa Souckova, to whom our audience had already known as member of "Lucerna Group" during the former year, traveled to Argentina to perform an exclussive show in our "Teatro del Sol". Because of her excellent conditions and fine sensibility she has got in our city lot of admirers and friends who look forward for seeing her again on our stage in the next future.
Look at the special page of Big Band Ribe in Árgentina
Big Band Ribe
Specially invited by "La Comedia de Campana", the Danish "Big Band Ribe" travelled from Denmark to Campana to perform several concerts and workshops in our city as well as in Buenos Aires and surroundings. Our "Teatro del Sol" was the "home" of the Band during its stay in Argentina.
"Con Fuocco"
Part of the Danish group "Con Fuocco"
Rose Gaihede, Sofie Lebech, Gry Nybo y Michael Lykke are the four Danish actors of the independent group "Con Fuoco". They have come to Argentina to take part in a workshop with the Argentinean Group "Periplo". So, before departing back to their country, they came to Campana and performed in our "Teatro del Sol" specially for theatre actresses, actors, directors and students. After the performance they had a meeting with the audience for exchanging ideas, experiences, images, dreams and utopias.
Axel Milanés
Axel Milanés in our "Teatro del Sol"
The Cuban troubadour in our "Teatro del Sol"

The Cuban troubadour Axel Milanés performed an exclusive show in our "Teatro del Sol". The Caribean Music and the Cuban rhythm were excellently represented by this young artist who got all the best from our audience. Axel promised to come and visit us again in 2004, happy with what he defined as the "special feeling" of our room.
"Fe de Nacimiento" by Axel Milanés